Armă lisă Bock Baikal IZH 27 12/76

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Armă lisă Bock Baikal IZH 27 12/76

- Armă cu țevi lise suprapuse - Bock
- Pat din lemn
- Calibru 12/76
- Cu un singur trăgaci

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Pret special: 2.499,00 RON

Pret normal: 2.590,00 RON

Russian hunting weapon IZ Baikał is known and appreciated on European markets. Lake Baikal is regarded as a producer of inexpensive but very durable weapons. 

Bok (Bock) Baikał IZH MP-27EM MC is designed for demanding hunters who value precision and durability. The barrels are made of the highest quality steel, from the inside are chromed, which provides the perfect protection against corrosion. The trigger tongues have been equipped with a special mechanism limiting the phenomenon of "breaking" the trigger during the shot, and the exchangeable rings will allow for even more precise shooting. 
Bock has an automatic fuse system that activates when the lock key is moved to the right.

An undoubted advantage of this weapon is a very simple assembly and disassembly mechanism, which does not require complicated tasks. The system of interchangeable spikes makes the shooter will be able to enjoy the possession of this weapon not only during hunting but also training at the shooting range. 

All mechanisms have been embedded in an interestingly chopped nut wood, which further enhances its aesthetic qualities. 
The side of the IZH-27EM MC will become an inseparable companion of hunting expeditions. It works in all conditions and will give full joy of hunting to your user.

Technical details Bock Baikał IZH MP-27EM MC:

Barrel length: 725 mm 
Total length: Weight (without ammunition): 3.6 kg 
Caliber: 12/76 
Settlement: Nut wood 
Trigger: double 
Sticks: interchangeable

Specificatii tehnice

Cod Produs IZH-27EM.MC
Stare produs Produs Nou
Tip țeavă Cu țevi lise
Tip armă Lisă basculantă cu țevi suprapuse
Calibru 12/76
Lungime țeavă (mm) 710
Magazie Fără magazie
Pat armă Lemn
Greutate produs (kg) N/A
Garanție 24 luni
Țara de origine Rusia

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